The Circle of Beans

Switching is easy, carefree, and fast.

1. Try it

Coffee tasting

We organize a coffee tasting. At your office, or at our roastery. In one hour you can experience the difference in taste between your coffee and Circle of Beans slow roast.


We supply a coffee machine with Circle of Beans coffee at your location. You and your colleagues, customers, friends, and acquaintances can taste our coffee for 2 weeks without restrictions.


Circle of Beans and MAAS

Circle of Beans roasts your coffee. MAAS, our partner, adjusts the coffee machine (and replaces it if necessary), supplies our coffee and collects the grounds so we can extract biofuel from it.

2. Make the switch

We’ll make sure you’re not a day without coffee. We coordinate the date of transfer, the frequency of delivery, the quantity, the service of the coffee machines and of course the price. Contact us for a quote.

Interested in 100% circular coffee?

A tender

Do you work for a municipality, province, or other government body? Then we can also help you with the tender for coffee purchases.

coffee machine included

Do you want to make the switch, but don’t have a suitable coffee machine? Switch, and we will make sure you get the right coffee machines delivered to your office.

"Coffee is a matter of taste. But not this one. Maybe because I realize that sip by sip, I am making the world a better place. Anyway, this coffee tastes delicious."

Arnaud Duine, General director Opure

3. Adjust machine

If you want to drink perfect coffee, the perfect water temperature, the optimal grind and the correct water pressure of the coffee machine are essential. If you have your own coffee machine, we will adjust the machine for you. Opt for replacement machines (preferably refurbished), andĀ an operator will set them up for you before delivery.

4. Save coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are energy. That is why we ask you not to throw it in the bin, but rather to collect the groundsĀ in our resealable buckets. Starting from the second delivery, we collect the coffee grounds and take them with us. We then extract biofuel it.

5. Report

Once you’ve chosen Circle of Beans coffee, you’ve made a choice for a better world, sip by sip. We are working hard for the ability to report to each customer exactly how much they themselves have contributed to the transition to a circular world. But we’re not there, yet. This is what we are currently doing with our customers:


Coffee batches roasted


Kg of CO2 emission avoided


M3 Biofuel extracted

With our combined efforts, we make a substantial contribution to the Social Development Goals of the United Nations.