The Circle of Beans

Our roadmap to a 100% circular coffee chain.

About us

Growing coffee, transporting coffee, roasting coffee, making coffee without any residual waste. With a positive social and societal impact. Circle of Beans is committed to coffee without compromise.


Excellent coffee.
Zero waste, guilt or aftertaste.


The entire coffee chain, 100% circular

Together with our partners, we address all steps in our coffee chain. Starting with the things we have the most control over. Step by step, we are expanding our impact. This is our roadmap to coffee without compromise.


From March 2021

100% circular, without waste, loss of value or fossil fuels

  • Delivering and collecting coffee and grounds to our enterprise customers
  • Extracting biofuel and high-quality fertilizer from coffee grounds for local farmers
  • Run our coffee roaster on our own biofuel
  • Our factory is incrementally phased out of the gas network (we have our own heat pump)

Next steps


Having mastered the fermentation and production of biofuel leaves room for even more. For upscaling, more applications and more sustainability improvements. In random order:

The market

  • Upscaling our marketing and serving additional customers
  • Further industrialization of our fermenters. Bigger, more
  • 100% recyclable coffee cups and consumer packaging

The farmers

A test set-up at coffee farms in Colombia to ferment coffee pulp. By using a CHP-plant, they can generate their own electricity on their own plantation. The fermentation process also results in a high-quality,  100% organic fertilizer for their coffee plants.

We are looking for 100% compostable buckets. Preferably square.

Our building
100% self-sufficient, disconnected from the grid.

On our horizon


Planning for the future, progressing further along the coffee chain, we still have some wishes.

    • The trucks of our partners fueled by our biofuel
    • Transport from our coffee broker (from Antwerp to Ede) on our biofuel
    • Placing bio-installations at all our local coffee farmers
    • Buying coffee from the coffee farmers, where we introduced our technology
    • The freight ships fueled by a variant of our biofuel
    • ….


Together with Maas

Coffee supplier

Circle of Beans is responsible for the coffee, the roasting, and the extraction of biofuel from the coffee grounds. MAAS is our partner and delivers our coffee (and coffee cups, sugar, milk, etc.) to office buildings, the catering industry and government authorities. MAAS installs, replaces, and maintains the coffee machines. We share a mission and are committed to achieving a  100% circular chain as soon as possible.

This is us

Looking at the people and the company Circle of Beans, there’s something that stands out immediately. We are venturous. We think like scientists, probably because we are Wageningen alumni. We have a positive outlook on life and are committed to making the world a better place with scientific innovations. Maximizing profits is a thing of the past, as far as we’re concerned. We must think differently, organize differently, produce differently. And because we are coffee roasters, we do that sip by sip.

“We are roasters of coffee and work at Fahrenheitstraat no. 38."

Circle of Beans founders Patrick & Arnaud