A better world,
sip by sip.

Circular Coffee

A better world,
sip by sip.​

Circular Coffee



enjoy our slow roast every day at the office.


kilo of coffee grounds

are picked up by cars driving on our own biogas.


M3 biogas

leaves the fermenter, supplying the roasting process and cars with gas.

In the

Excellent coffee combined with a good story? Your company, institution, NGO or club helps towards a circular world.

In hotels and

serve the taste of a better world? As a result of the slow roasting process, the coffee gets a full and round taste. Serve excellent coffee, with a good story.

At home

Circle of Beans is not yet available in stores. We are working on it. Soon 100% recyclable coffee cups and packaging will be offered.

Slow roast

We make no concessions to taste. That is why we roast the Arabica beans to a slow roast in 15 minutes in our own roastery in Ede. By doing this relatively slowly, the aromas are released in a better way.

100% circular

We bring the coffee all the way to the machine. We immediately take the coffee grounds with us. The cars run on the biogas that is extracted from the coffee grounds. Zero waste, fossil free and 100% circular from door to door.

Delivery service

We deliver the coffee to your location at fixed times. At the same time, we immediately take all collected coffee grounds with us. The buckets in which the coffee is transported have a square shape. This saves space in our vans and allows us to deliver more coffee and customers in one trip.

Reusable buckets

We deliver the coffee in reusable, resealable plastic buckets. When the first bucket is empty, you collect the coffee grounds in it. With the next delivery, we take the full bucket(s) with us, empty the bucket in the fermenter, rinse the buckets thoroughly and refill them with freshly roasted coffee. This way we can use the bucket about 50 times. The bucket is then reused as granulate.

"Which company doesn't run on coffee? Above all, let's continue to enjoy together, but without waste, guilt, or aftertaste.”

Birthe Nieuwenhuijsen
Operations Director at Loyalty Lab

Unnecessary waste

Do you work in a company of +/- 100 employees and do you drink regular coffee? Then your company throws this away unnecessarily* (annually):

± 600

aluminum coffee packages

± 75

cardboard boxes

± 1,5 tons

Coffee grounds

*Coffee packed per kilo and per 8 bags in 1 cardboard box. You can make about 130 cups of coffee with 1 bag. An average of 3 cups of coffee per employee is served in the office (daily).


Do you want another coffee at the office? We make the transition as easy as possible. So, we don’t just supply the coffee, we also adjust the coffee machines (think of the grind, temperature, and ideal water pressure). And if necessary, we even replace the coffee machines.